Be a reader-resource!


Occasionally, an author needs to do some research–to ask about a foreign language, or police procedures, or computer science, or any number of topics–and it can be difficult to find someone to answer questions.

So, do you speak a language other than English? Do you have post-graduate level education in a scientific field? Are you a working professional in a commonly fictionalized job like lawyer, doctor, or cop? Would you be willing to answer the occasional question from a hapless author who knows less about the world than he’d like?

(The “hapless author” is me, by the way.)

If so, please sign up to be a reader-resource. All I would need is your email address (so I can contact you), your name (so I know what to call you), and your area(s) of expertise. I’ll save that information into a spreadsheet, and if the day comes when I need help, I’ll reach out.

If that sounds cool to you, please fill out this form.

Become a Reader-Resource:

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In all likelihood, if you sign up you won’t ever hear from me. If you do, I’ll try to keep it short, and I’ll be happy to thank you in the acknowledgements of the book in question.

Thank you.