A couple things, quickly


And it has to be quick because I’m sick and sleep-deprived. I slept 9 hours last night and I’m already fading.

I felt like the crap yesterday, but we still went out. I had to cut less from Man Bites World than I expected, and instead spent most of my time filling in paragraphs that had been too sketchy. I must remember to write when I’m writing.

After that, we all went out to the REI flagship store for various things. I could not buy a Wenger backpack (they had none, which surprised me) but I did get a nice one out of the clearance bin for under $20 bucks. We also picked up new shoes for the boy, he did an ascent on the climbing… thingee (and did I remember the camera? I did not. Shame shame). And we went out to dinner.

Now, I was feeling extremely run down, but we ate a Racha Noodles on Queen Anne, which is nice without being too too nice. I had the Duck Curry, which was spicy and fantastic. I left there feeling better than I’d felt all day.

Then the sleeping, which I already mentioned. Today I did the cleaning we didn’t get to yesterday, and I fixed the vacuum cleaner. With fire.

That’s right. There aren’t many problems in the modern world that you can fix with an open flame, and even fewer you can write about in your blog without terrible consequences, but long hairs jamming up the roller brush is one of them.

Now: two links. The first is for Affinity8: The the impotence of proofreading, which is pretty funny.

The second is about a guy who used Google AdWords to test market his book’s title to good effect. (Quick disclaimer: I haven’t watched the video on that site because it’s an hour long). Considering how much trouble I had picking a title for Child of Fire, and since Everyone Loves Blue Dog looks like it might have the same problems, I just might let the reading public decide for me.

OMG. To bed. I’ll try to be more interesting tomorrow.