A totally unexpected development


I am shocked shocked to learn that tea party protesters shouted “nigger” at black congressmen, and shouted “faggot” and yelled in lisping voices at Barney Frank. Representative Emanuel Cleaver was spat on by a protester, but told the police he would not press charges, so the police released the spitter.

Who could have foreseen such a thing? I’m sure leading GOP figures will step forward to denounce the spitting and name-calling against their colleagues across the aisle.

Update: And they have. Which is good for them, but it’s a shame they waited until things got so far.

Second update: Forgotten in the apologies is Barney Frank. Apparently, it’s okay for Tea Partiers to scream “Faggot” at a congressment. In fact, they’re doing it again today. The GOP doesn’t have a word to say about that.

In the meantime, conservative bloggers are calling for apologies… from the congressmen who were spit on and called “nigger.”