No, I’m not talking about my wedding anniversary, although that comes in less than a week. My wedding day is less important than the day my wife and I moved in together. (She still gets a present and a nice card, of course.)

Tomorrow is November 13th and Monday is the 16th. Those two dates represent the day I left Philadelphia (by train) and the day I arrived in Seattle. It’s been twenty years.

I’m trying to think of a way to celebrate. The first thing that comes to mind, obviously, is Philly Cheesesteaks, not that I can find the right rolls, and who’ll cut the chip steak for me? Growing up, there were corner delis within walking distance of my house where I could pick up a pound and a half in 30 minutes. Here we have a supermarket butcher, but I’ve never even spoken to those people.

The event must be marked somehow, but I’m not sure how. As for Monday, I figure I’ll make salmon for dinner and stand out in the rain a while.