Announcing a month of book giveaways! Day 8


Game of Cages will be coming out on the last day of the month, so I’ve decided to hold a special month of book giveaways. Every day (unless I screw up, which I probably will) I’ll give away a book or themed set of books to someone who asks for it. To enter, you have to comment on this blog or on my LiveJournal–email, Facebook, and Twitter won’t count, and if more than one person speaks up, I’ll roll a die to determine the recipient. U.S. residents only, please.

You get a new book every day, and on the last day of the month I’ll give away my own.


Songbooks! Folk music! Burl Ives! I don’t like any of it (except Burl Ives–I’m not a monster) but would you like it? Just leave a comment letting me know.

Update: These books have been won.

4 thoughts on “Announcing a month of book giveaways! Day 8

  1. Maile Kono-Wells

    I would love these books! Every day, several times a day I sing “The Ugly Bug Ball” and “On the Front Porch” to my 17-month-old son. They are wonderful Burl Ives songs from the outrageously terrible yet heart-warming 1963 Disney movie, Summer Magic. In general I love song books, and these look like they would have some fun songs for kids in them. Please pick me!

  2. I roll a die to decide who wins which book, so I’m afraid I won’t be picking anyone.

    You’re only the second person to ask, so at the moment you have a 50/50 chance.

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