BATTLE FOR TERRA (no spoilers)


We just returned from BATTLE FOR TERRA, and it was fantastic! Great characters, thrilling action scenes and a powerful ending. My wife cried (which is not a spoiler–she cries at happy endings and sad ones, as long as it’s emotionally powerful). She also walked out of the theater with the urge to travel.

The boy loved it, too. We saw it 3-D for him (‘natch) and he kept saying “Whoa!” and “Awesome!” all through it. There were a couple scenes that I thought might be too intense for him, but no. He was all over that stuff.

And it’s gorgeous. This is the most beautiful science fiction movie I’ve seen in a long time.

For me, one of the most interesting things about the story was how the violence came from fear. This is something I’ve been working through in my own work, and it was wonderful to see his take on it.

Go see it. It’s wonderful.

Also, thanks to everyone who’s voted in my poll. I’m grateful for all your ideas and the poll is still open.