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Today is Book Day. The thing I’ve spent the last 35 plus years working for has happened today. It’s crazy and wonderful and terrifying all at once.

A couple notes: later today, I’ll be having a chat with Betsy Mitchell, editor-in-chief at Del Rey (also my editor), on Suvudu. Start time is 2 pm EST/11 am PST, and everyone reading this is welcome to drop by. Also, you can email a question ahead of time to The main focus of the chat will be my journey from unpublished to published writer.

Also, today my Big Idea essay went up at Whatever, John Scalzi’s blog. I talk about constructing stories out of creative choices I wanted to avoid.

Next, my interview with Sherwood Smith is up on her blog, too. She asked me some really chewy questions and I tried to do justice to them. (At some point I’m going to have to blog about fantasy and atheism.) If you don’t read Sherwood’s books, you’re missing out.

I revamped my website a bit. I put links to online booksellers in the right margin, along with a cover, and I broke them out by country. I’ve had a number of people ask if my book would be available in England or Australia, and it took me until now to realize I could simply look up which sellers would be listing my book and link to them. Duh. It’s not an exhaustive list, but it’s what I had time for.

Long time readers know I’m something of an NPR junkie–we supported our local station by purchasing a day sponsorship. I’ll be loitering by the radio before noon and 9pm to listen for our message.

I’ve also changed my default LiveJournal icon to the book cover. I don’t care if it’s tacky! I don’t care today, at least.

The page for Child of Fire has a number of reviews on it already, courtesy of their “Vine” program. Of the twelve reviews posted there, eleven are four or five stars. That gives me a warm, happy feeling.

Anyway, after my chat, I’ll be heading downtown with my wife and son to admire the book on the bookshelves. Expect pictures later! And in true Seattle fashion, rain clouds are rolling in. Until then, I’m going to log off the computer and spend some time with my family.

Folks: if you read the book and you like it, let people know, okay?

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  1. Thank, JJ. I just received a note from someone who heard the day sponsorship and bought a book. So thank you, too.

    Shane, that’s fantastic, thank you. I added it to my sidebar.

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