Brickcon was last weekend and here are the pics


Brickcon, for those who don’t know, is a “con” that allows adult Lego enthusiasts to show off their ultra cool builds. This year I dragged my son, his buddy, and my camera off to the show.

Unfortunately, this year’s pictures aren’t what you call fabulous. For one thing, the camera wasn’t the best. Depth of field was needed for quite a few of these dioramas, but you don’t get depth of field from a point-n-click.

For another, I had a terrible time checking the screen to see if they were really in focus. My vision is getting pretty bad in these old, old prescriptions, and it was only that night that I could see just how off some of them were. So, quite a few didn’t come out at all, and several are not as crisp as I would like.

Before I go on: Here are the posts for Brickcon 2010 and 2009 (we skipped last year).

Now the pictures: As in previous years, the fantasy builds were arranged in massive contiguous dioramas, while the science fiction was mostly isolated ships and gadgets… except for this:


There’s another photo showing a detail of the inside of the pyramid.

There was also a fair-sized diorama of Rome (here’s a detail of the you-know-what):


Further down the table the siege of Troy was laid out.

But the biggest display was Hogwarts. The openings in the building showed interior figures doing all sorts of things.


This diorama was really, really big, and you’d have to look at the whole photo set to get an idea of how much work went into it.

Finally, I was surprised at first that no one had made a leviathan from the Avengers movie, then I found it.


Anyway, the Flickr set has many, many more constructions to check out, from Mothra to black light flying saucer to Helm’s Deep to the buildings of lovely Anaheim California. Take a look.

For me personally, I’m taking a few days with my son starting tomorrow, so I expect to be off the internet more than on.