Chainmail Bikinis *ARE* My Business!


Oh, hell, would you look at the fabulous 200th issue of SFWA’s Bulletin:


Let’s see, we have a wintry mountain scene complete with icicles, a dead giant with monster-teeth, and…

And a woman in a chainmail bikini.

You know what this cover says to me? It says: “I have nothing of value to say to you.” It says: “The only thing I have to offer is more of the drek you’ve been trying to distance yourself from.” It says: “We provide garbage because we don’t think garbage is what everyone likes.”

Apparently, there’s more WTFery inside, but I’ll have to take people’s word on it because I’m not interested. I used to read The Bulletin cover to cover but lately it just makes me feel embarrassed to see it drop into my mailbox.

SFWA, you’re an organization of professionals. If you want to pander to me, treat me like a savvy customer, not a mouth-breathing lowest-common-denominator soft-pron fantasy fan. I do not need paintings of swimsuit models on the covers of the professional magazines you send me; that’s what the internet is for.

Have some damn pride.