Child of Fire Reviews Part 11


I finally collected seven more. Behind the cut!

1) Kevinh01 enjoyed it and is ready for the next one. “He’s created some great characters in a story filled with plenty of detail and solid action. I didn’t finish it in a day, but it was really hard to put down.

2) David Hines liked it, and he thought there was too much exposition, rather than too little: “… it’s really pretty damn awesome, and its characters are so engaging and its pace so relentless that I tore through it in an afternoon,

3) Blogger Bryarly Furlong gives it four out of five stars: “I can’t wait for the next one, and I hope we learn more about Annalise and Ray and that she’s a wee bit nicer to him, all things considered. :)

4) Amelie Markik liked it both as a reader and as a writer: “Guy urban fantasy novel for the win! Not a bit of softness to this one and it was great.” A funny, well-written review from someone who really got what I was trying to do with the exposition. Also, more food comparisons.

5) Blogger Runaroundace is planning to buy the sequel: “… I was very impressed with the first book in the series “Child of Fire”….if you havn’t read child of fire yet I suggest you read it before Game of Cages comes out.

6) LiveJournaler alicat2001 calls the book “very good.”

7) CE Murphy liked it: “It was a damned fine book. The world setup is unique, the story, while obviously part of a larger setup, is nicely self-contained, and the main character is–get this–male, and written by a male. I really enjoyed it, which is rather nice given that it’s the FIRST BOOK I’VE READ THIS YEAR. Augh.” ::beams::

BTW, per link number seven, lemme say that I am utterly non-fictional. In fact, I come from a long line of Harry Connolly’s being the fourth guy in my family with that name. It’s funny, though, this must be the third or fourth time since October that someone has said the equivalent of “So, you really do exist!” If I have some kind of hermit/recluse/mystery man thing going, get me a black cloat and wide-brimmed hat, because I’m going to start working it.