Child of Fire Reviews, Part 12


More reviews behind the cut:

1) LJ user occasionalhope gives it a B+, saying in total: “good new urban fantasy voice, will definitely be interested din his future work

2) Fiction Kingdom loved it and gave it “five crowns”: “I know some people might start reading it because Jim Butcher recommended it, but I have to say, this is NOT a Dresden novel or anything that resembles it. If you’re expecting something exactly liked that series, you’re going to be disappointed.

3) Kai at Fiction State of Mind gives it five of five stars: “This book hits the ground running!!

4) Here’s a positive tweet from Ron M. aka Hotspurrrr: “just finished Harry Connolly’s “Child of Fire.” It’s an intense supernatural noir thriller. I highly recommend it! Kept me up late reading!

5) MentatJack (aka Steven Klotz) liked it but not so intensely: “In many ways this feels like a Jedi training montage set in a Lovcraftian universe with some werewolves (and a single offhanded mention of vampires) thrown in as a B plot to remind us that it’s actually Urban fantasy. That said, it is a quick enjoyable read with plenty of action. Body horror, mass delusion, creepy toys, red meat and lots of fire keep things interesting. It also sets up a world that has potential to diverge positively from overused urban fantasy tropes.” Will future books diverge positively from overused fantasy tropes? Time will tell (but I like to think so).

6) Jimmy at thinks it’s interesting, but flawed: “Overall, Child of Fire is a promising beginning. Harry Connolly has given the reader just enough to make you eager for the second novel. What more can you ask?” I dunno. A film deal?

7) And let’s wrap this up with a short one, via Twitter. Michael Worthan called it “so great.”