Child of Fire reviews, Part (lucky) 13


Behind the cut, as always:

1) LiveJournaler spartezda gave it a big thumbs up: “Definitely recommended for Dresden fans, but for most other fantasy readers as well.

2) Simon Bisson (as @sbisson) says: “Recent reads: Child of Fire. Harry Connolly tells us magic isn’t at all nice and Olympic werewolves are worse. The result? Blood and fire.” In this case, “Olympic” refers to the peninsula, not the games.

3) Carl Rigney (as @carlrigney) says: “Good choice! I really liked @byharryconnolly ‘s CHILD OF FIRE.

4) Steve Barr (as @BarrSteve) says: “Child of Fire is really good. It’s urban fantasy without all the teenagey angst or Mary Sues. Like Dashiell Hammett with magic

5) I have 100 ratings (and 47 reviews) at Goodreads! Yay!

6) Livejournaler brownkitty didn’t have a strong reaction either way: “… the steady thought, throughout rereading, was “I wonder what the third book will be like? I’m going to stick around and find out.” And I intend to do just that. I hope there are quite a few of these, as there’s lots of room to play in this universe and lots of story to be told.

7) Livejouraler mercwriter liked it quite a bit: “This was a great read! A fun, fast-paced urban fantasy, refreshingly non-romantic and with lots of action, werewolves, monsters, magic, and a wonderful narrator: Ray Lilly (his boss, Annalise, is MADE OF WIN).

And that’s seven. I’ll collect more as they come in and post them. :)