Discolored skin


On Thursday, my color inkjet printer finally gave up the ghost. It had been iffy for a long while–the paper feed hasn’t worked correctly for years–but if finally started chewing on the paper, and when I reached in to clear it, it sprayed multi-colored ink all over my hand.

I didn’t wash it off quickly enough, either, and I still have weird colors on half my left hand, 36 hours later.

Worse, I no longer have a color printer. The truth is that I don’t use it much; my black Samsung laser printer is great, relatively cheap on a per-page basis, and super reliable. Is it worthwhile to drop a couple hundred bucks on a replacement? We don’t use it often, but we do use it. Not to mention an expensive vacation coming up and a looming (and equally-expensive) family emergency coming up. Dunno yet.

On another note, while waiting for a bus yesterday, I saw a homeless man with a really alarming look about him. Judging by his features and reddish-brown beard and hair, he was a white guy, but his skin was a blotchy purplish-gray. The internet suggests he might have an excess of silver, but at the time I was worried he’d fall over dead right there.