Eating 3.64 cookies


Friday on Twitter, I joked that once Child of Fire received 300 ratings on Goodreads, I would eat 3.64 out of 5 cookies in celebration. Well what do you know. It happened! Last night I bought some Pepperidge Farm Nantuckets (no limericks, please) because I knew I wouldn’t have time for the preferred option, which was baking fresh.

And I took pictures:

Each cookie was about one ounce, and here I have measured out my portion. If my damn book was one one-hundredth more popular, I could have rounded up to the next tenth of a cookie!


Did I like it? See for yourself. I’m so happy I’m glowing!

Photo 12

Coming up soon on the blog: How badly I suck and how ashamed I am that I can’t get my shit together.

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