1. Amen. I felt like that today. Heading to World Fantasy Con this weekend, I’ll try and squeeze “Have you read Harry Connolly’s…” into every conversation.

  2. Rob Smith’s comment reminded me… I went to World Con in Melbourne a few weeks ago and one of the panels I attended was What can mystery teach science fiction?. The discussion turned to fantasy and the lack of good detective/mystery stories in fantasy. But. I am certain that Harry Connolly was brought up favourably as was China Mieville as examples of how it can be done well.

  3. Chris

    Just finished up both Child of Fire and Game of Cages this week. Just wanted to post and say I thought they were great, I loved the protagonist and the interplay between him and Annalise, it’s really complex, and I also really enjoyed the story. As an aspiring author myself it’s great to see someone make it, congratulations on doing it full-time now.

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