Happy Birthday to me


People who have been reading me for a while (and who have good memories) know that I celebrate my not-birthday today. Since my wife and I have the same birthday, and since sharing the day with your spouse sucks, I moved mine.

And hey, at the bottom of this post I’m going to ask you for a present.

My wife will be at work most of the day, but the plan is:

    Write in the morning.
    See Man of Steel (which no one else in the fam wants to see).
    Come home and play a video game, if you can fucking believe it (alternately: write some more).
    Delivery Indian food for dinner.
    Giant fruit salad instead of cake. (We are not people of the cake.)

Best part: no nasty melon in the fruit salad. Everyone puts melon or cantelope or something in fruit salad, and it always ruins it. We’ll have cherries, apple, pear, nectarines, and some other fruits that are not on the reactive list. So incredibly good. I can’t wait.

From you, good reader, I will ask for a birthday present. As you know (professor) I’m going to be Kickstartering and self-publishing my latest book. I would ask you knowledgeable folk to post three or fewer links to the most instructive blog posts and articles that you know about the process.

If you don’t know of any good Kickstarter articles, no worries.

I’ll turn on comments on my main blog for this. Hopefully, the spam won’t be too overwhelming. Not working. Reader, I sigh. You can also comment on my LiveJournal, on Twitter, on Facebook, or any of my social media.

Have a great day, you guys. I plan to.