Here’s the deal


I met Charles Stross briefly a few months ago, and he recommended Dropbox for online backups. I like it, because it’s a little different from most services.

How it works: You install the program on your computers (assuming you have more than one, if you don’t, skip the rest of this post) and it places a folder called “Dropbox” in your system. Any file you move into this folder is automatically backed up to their online server when you next have an internet connection.

It also automatically downloads to the folder in your other computer. This way, your files stay synced on both machines.

I write on my laptop, copy the day’s work to the folder and let it upload. I know it’ll be on my desktop at home in seconds, and that Time Machine will back it up within the next hour. Plus, there’s the online copy.

It’s also useful, I’m told, for collaborating. I don’t need that so I haven’t put much thought into it. All I know is that there’s a way to create a public folder online where you can share files with other.

Why I’m telling you this: If you sign up (you can get a free 2GB account, which is more than enough for my writing) through a referral from me, we both get extra storage space above and beyond that two gigs.

I’ve been pretty happy with the service, although I haven’t had it for all that long and I haven’t needed it to restore lost work. If anyone wants a referral, drop a comment here, please.