Hey, everyone who watched the pilot of V last night!


I missed it because I was watching a movie about aliens who come to earth, pretend to be our friends, are revealed on TV to be aliens in human suits (um… duh!), come clean about their plans to eat humans like cow-kabobs, and are finally defeated by a plucky band of resistence fighters.


It was called GODZILLA: FINAL WAR and it also had super kung fu mutant soldiers in really stupid “armor”, giant rampaging monsters (‘natch), flying battle machines with huge borers on the front (!!!), an ex-MMA champion as captain of the last flying/underwater/undergroud battle machine, a 100% racist scene with a black NY pimp and his pimp-mobile, ray gun battles, a super ninja motorcycle battle, chi-powered kung fu blasts, and a hero who discovers at the end that he had Sekrit Powers!

So… HAH! You are jealous and don’t try to deny it!