Hey, writers (and other office/desk people)


You should read this.

I have set up temporary standing work stations in my home, but I’m going to see about creating a permanent one, with one or two easily put-together stations if I have to work in the bedroom.

But I wonder about my big old desktop. That’s not going to be easy to raise up above my desk.

2 thoughts on “Hey, writers (and other office/desk people)

  1. James McNeill

    I’ve worked standing off and on for many years, and continuously for the last three or so. At first I just jury-rigged something together with a board and some milk crates.

    It’s a different set of aches and pains. If you work a twelve-hour day you will feel it in your legs, so it is good encouragement not to do that sort of thing.

    On the other hand, I started doing standing desks because of debilitating headaches and, eventually, back spasms. I’ll take sore legs over those any day. The headaches occur less frequently now; maybe a couple times a month. I have no idea if that reduction is related, or if it has to do with the vast amounts of caffeine I ingest now.

    Standing desks do encourage more movement. I shift around while I’m standing, and sit around half the day on a high chair. I imagine that is good for something.

    I hope it helps you out. It sounds like you have pretty severe pain to deal with.

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