I have voted.


Yes, I voted for Obama. No, it’s not a huge shock; even though the Green candidate was closer to my positions than the president, I held my nose and voted for the guy who drops bombs on innocent people in Asia.

That sucks, but it’s still better than what we were going to get from Romney, if his own positions could be believed (and they can’t). If it’s a choice between Obama and another neo-con, I know who I have to vote against.

Not that it matters all that much. Washington is a very blue state, so our electoral votes are not really in play. More important to me are the state, county and city issues: I voted to support same sex marriage, to reject charter schools, to reject supermajority requirements on tax legislations, to support sea wall repair in downtown Seattle, and to support marijuana legalization.

I also supported a mix of Democratic and Republican candidates, although you can probably guess that I voted for more of the former than the latter. On occasion, I’ve said (mostly-joking) that I’m about as far to the left as you can get while still remaining a capitalist, and the GOP has been moving further and further to the right in recent years, so there’s not many in that party who would be a good match for me.

Anyway: Duty done.