I realize this is naive of me…


But would rather he’d been captured and put on trial. With so many changes being made in the Middle East through peaceful protest, and the awful repercussions of the protests that turned violent, I would have rather seen him brought to justice rather than just shot to death. I want to be on the side that values due process and restraint.

Also, Juan Cole is worth reading.

Added later: remember this bit from 2005, when President Bush spoke about the hunt for bin Laden?

4 thoughts on “I realize this is naive of me…

  1. I would rather he have been waterboarded every day for the rest of his life, then his head stuck on a spike at the site of the former twin towers for the crows to feast upon. But that’s me.

  2. frank

    No, it isn’t – naive, that is.

    How can we claim moral superiority if we stoop down to their, the terrorists’, levels? Due process for anyone, regardless of what he may have done, is one of the pillars of democratic society we (supposedly) so cherish. In the end, tearing down these pillars ourselves because we feel someone is threatening the very basis of our society, means nothing short of handing them victory.

  3. Arresting a guy, putting him on trial, in cuffs, sending him to jail–all that reduces him while making us seem powerful. Attacking and shooting him in his home builds him up while making us seem like we have no other authority.

    IOW, I agree with you.

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