I’m logged in at the library


Skimming through my LJ and checking emails. I didn’t make the trip to Best Buy to swap modems because guess what?? When I got home from work, the supposedly-broken modem was working!

I know. You’re shocked.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t working working. It took ten minutes and multiple tries before Thunderbird could download an email or newsgroup post. Yet another call to Qwest got me a conversation with someone who was willing to admit that they’d been having outages in my area for the last 48 hours. The engineers said it would be fixed in 8-12 hours.

This morning, I still didn’t have internet. This morning, I called tech support again. The helpdesk guy told me that the problem was fixed, but of course it wasn’t. He went consulted with the engineers again and reported that the server had failed again.

You know what? I wasn’t angry. He’d told me the truth, instead of a lie that cost me 90+ dollars and wasted several hours of my time. If the first person I spoke with had told me the truth, I would have been much happier than I am now.

Current plan: See if they can get this fixed by Monday morning. Then hook up my old modem again. If it still works, return new modem and use the 2hr commute time wisely (if possible).