12 thoughts on “Is this the French cover for Child of Fire?

  1. Neerdowell

    I like it better than the English ones. Less is more.

    I’m stoked that another one of my favorite authors answers his blog.

  2. I’m not sure which I prefer; they’re both so different.

    And I have to admit that answering comments in all my social media has started to be kinda time-consuming. I enjoy it, but I do spend a lot of time with my back to the living room

  3. Neerdowell

    Well, thanks anyway.

    Most of my comments are rhetorical and don’t really warrant a response. Nevertheless, thanks.

  4. Neerdowell

    The ‘Circle of Enemies’ cover looks good. But I keep wanting to bust out into “marron 5” songs every time I look at it. Hopefully that’s just me…

  5. I’m sorry. That was sort of a jerk thing to say and very thoughtless of me. Again, sorry. I do enjoy the conversations I get to have online (or I wouldn’t have them, for real).

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