Just passed the 20K mark on A Blessing of Monsters


Remember when I said this epic fantasy was definitely going to be complete in one book?


I’m going to have to slow forward progress on it while I revise the opening chapters and work up a pitch for my agent. Hopefully she’ll be happy with it and this new book by “George R.R. Martini” will be available sometime in 2013. God, I hope so.

Meanwhile, I have to go back and add more setting. I also need to change one of the viewpoint characters, who is not the sneaky trickster I wanted her to be.

Also, let me ask a question: Why is NaNoWriMo in November? Is it because the “No” in “Novel” matches the “No” in “November”? Because it’s hugely inconvenient, especially for folks in my country. Thanksgiving falls right into the end of the month, which is a time-consuming, exhausting, complicated holiday, and it also marks the start of the Christmas season.

Why doesn’t it run in January instead? Most of the big holidays are done and people are all jazzed about new beginnings and resolutions. Besides, the solstice will have passed and we’d be enjoying longer and longer days.

Anyway, for those who are taking part, remember, there is no rule but this one: “Be interesting.”

4 thoughts on “Just passed the 20K mark on A Blessing of Monsters

  1. “George R. R. Martini”? Now I’m imagining a book with a cocktail recipe with each chapter. And if it’s a page-turner like the Twenty Palaces books, there better be some good hangover remedies in the back.

  2. My deadline for a first draft is March 1st. Add a month of revisions for my agent and that’s April 1st. Three months to sell it (if I’m lucky) and that’s mid-summer.

    And there’s no way the book would come out the same year. So yeah, it’ll be 2013 or 2014.

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