Last week’s trip to the restaurant (with bonus furniture pix)


We brought a camera to the Boat Street Cafe so we could take pictures of the food, but it looked so good we fell on it instantly. No pix for you of the food, but here’s the restaurant:


I should have taken it facing the other way, so you can see the open air patio.

I had the lamb and my son ordered grilled octopus. Seven-years-old and he goes for the most adventurous food on the menu. He loved it, too. My boy.

Also, we have been talking for a long while about replacing our old dining table chairs. We got them when our upstairs neighbor died, and her sons–both in their sixties–unloaded gave us a bunch of her furniture rather than try to dispose of it. But the seats were torn, the padding hung out and some of the screws had stripped out of the wood.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to replace furniture when you don’t have a car, so we’ve been putting it off. Enter a multi-family garage sale up the road where my wife picked up six of these:


I love my new chairs.

Much to do before I leave on my trip.