Let’s call this a draft.


You heard that right. Draft zero of A Key, An Egg, An Unfortunate Remark is finished at 77K words and 43 chapters. Longest chapter: “An Unwelcome Party Guest Catches A Glimpse of Himself” (aka chapter 1) at 2,851 words. Shortest chapter: “Another Little Drive” (almost the end of the book) at 754 words. I suspect that first chapter will be substantially trimmed, leaving “The Recrimination Game” as the longest.

You know, I struggled with this book the way I struggle with all of them, but I had fun with it, too. In fact, when I was outlining it I had a serious crisis of confidence. Life is short: was this one of the books I wanted to have as my life’s work? Really?

Thank Pikachu I got over that. This book turned out to be a lot of fun.

So! I have to give it another read-through before I send it to my agent. I have a judo throw to add to one scene, and I stupidly gave two characters very similar names, then switched them mid-way through. Plus, there are the inevitable word echoes, under-researched locations, and screwed up sentences.

Still. DONE! I’ll be picking up a 22oz of Arrogant Bastard Ale on my way home tonight and I’ll celebrate happily.

7 thoughts on “Let’s call this a draft.

  1. I love that you’ve stuck with the name — I hink it’s a great title! (There was some discussion a while back as to how it grabbed people, right?). I hope it lasts to publication!

  2. I hope it lasts, too. I have a sneaking suspicion that I’m going to have to self-pub this thing. I’d rather not, but considering the subject matter and also that it’s a stand alone, well…

    And thank you! I love the title, too.

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