Links and Galleys


First the links:

Writers, Do not call a publisher, even if you’re “calling on behalf of an agent”. ::Rolls eyes::

And, here’s a list you didn’t know you absolutely had to read: Twenty Ridiculous Complaints Made By Tourists. The first one, about the aroused elephant, is priceless.

From Child safety: You’re doing it wrong.

From part 2: Is this really a bag of Doritos?

I love the serene look on the yellow guy’s face. Crotch-stomp=bliss.

Finally, Former Project Runway contestant charged with Assault for throwing a cat (among other things) at her sleeping boyfriend.

And now, galleys: I’m told that Del Rey will be printing over 500 bound galleys for Child of Fire, and 300 of them will be given away at San Diego Comic Con. They’ll also be the only fiction advance reader edition they’ll be giving away at the event. Pretty cool, thinks me.