11 thoughts on “Look what arrived late last night!

  1. alex

    If I were you, rich, I’d skip Dance with Dragons.

    compared to his previous books it was terrible.

    That cover looks SWEET!

  2. JonathanK

    I’m really hoping this is one of those books that hits the shelves a week or so in advance of the actual publication date. This is where “dead tree” has the advantage over “e,” ‘cuz you don’t get an ebook until the actual publication date, whereas you can check on bn.com and hit the store as soon as it shows it’s in stock (assuming you live near a B&N, natch); you’d better believe I’m checking every day :)

  3. I’d be surprised if it shows up early. Let me know if it does! The usual situation is for the books to arrive in storage and not make it out onto the bookstore floor for a little while.

  4. JonathanK

    True. The speed in which a book hits the shelves depends on how quickly a particular bookstore can get it from the back room to the shelves and that can vary due to lots of factors, from people calling in sick to favoring working out hardbacks/trade paperbacks over mass market paperbacks.

    This is going to be an interesting experiment, if you will. BN.com still lists the book as pre-order, so it appears as long as it’s categorized that way I won’t be able to reserve a copy or check stock at my local store via the internet (I wonder if the bn.com site changes from pre-order to available to order as soon as they receive stock in their distribution center, or if the system actually waits until August 30 to change from pre-order status). So, what I’m going to do is call my local store and have them reserve a copy for me from the stock being shipped to the store. I’ll get an email telling me when the book is in stock and on hold for me, and I’ll compare that to my daily checks on bn.com and see which method works best with regard to finding out when the book is available for sale in a store. I’ll let you know how the whole thing comes out and I hopefully won’t have to eat my “dead tree” vs. “e” words :)

  5. JonathanK

    Well, I forgot to check on bn.com yesterday, the 29th, so I pretty much blew that aspect of my experiment.

    As of today, August 30, the release day, Circle of Enemies is not showing as received at my local B&N, but it is available for $7.99 on BN.com and on my Nook, so I have no choice but to extract my foot from my mouth and admit that “e” has won out over “dead tree” with regard to allowing me to get my mitts on the book as soon as possible. Since I have almost no ability to delay gratification, I’m buying the ebook as soon as I post this comment so I can start reading it tonight and finish it on my day off tomorrow. I’ll buy the MM edition–when it finally gets into the store–to keep my physical collection intact, too, and hopefully help Del Rey come to a positive decision with regard to future publishing of your books.

  6. I’m sorry you had to buy it twice, and I don’t like that B&N doesn’t have it in. That’s a bad sign for potential buyers who wouldn’t be willing to pick up a digital copy.

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