Loving Superman and *Loving* Superman


A discussion popped up recently over this video:

For those who don’t want to click, (and you probably don’t because that video is equal parts hilarious and creepy) it’s a clip from the series finale of Smallville, in which Clark Kent finally gets his Superman suit, flies, saves Lois, and saves the world. And while that plays, the guy watching offers his quite vocal… “enthusiasm” for the show.

Actually, it sounds like he’s masturbating, shouting “YES! YES! YES!” several times, and “Do it right! Do it right!” and “AMERICA!” and generally having a really, really intense sexual experience. I suspect that, if the camera had been pointed the other way, he would have had to post the video on YouP*rn instead of YouTube.

I linked to it in a “Boy, people sure can be creepy!” sort of way, but several people responded by saying stuff like “What’s wrong with a little extra happiness in the world?” and “I think it’s great that he’s enjoying the show, and what’s wrong with that?” I haven’t quite figured out if it doesn’t register as a stroke video to them, or if they think audible orgasms to shitty TV shows are part of the wonder and joy of the human existence, or what.

Still, I think it’s creepy and a little funny. I hope the actors never see it. I do wonder if the guy taped this with his pants pulled up and zipped tight, not realizing how it would sound. His bio says he’s a devout Christian, so maybe he…

Ah, who knows. Anyway, I think it’s pathetic and funny and extremely creepy to post “fan love” audio online.

7 thoughts on “Loving Superman and *Loving* Superman

  1. Priscellie

    That video makes me feel inadequate as a woman. Never in my life have I caused a man to make sounds that intense.

  2. Corwin

    I just couldn’t get over how they were at the altar, and then because he figured out how to fly and wear a skin tight latex body suit that the wedding got postponed for 7 years. Other than that it was a pretty decent finale after 10 years of watching attractive women try to get him out of his pants.

  3. Corwin

    What can I say, when I find a show a like, I tend to stick with it unless I think it’s just gone that far off the path. Admittedly though I usually give them enough rope to veer back on the straight and narrow and as a result my biggest complaint about the shows I’ve watched over the last 2 decades is that they’ve gotten canceled before coming to a decent conclusion. Especially when they know halfway through the production of the current season that it will be their last, in which case I’m of the belief that they should try to hammer out an ending that will at least appease fans if not satisfy them altogether rather than trying to end on an unlikely to be resolved cliffhanger in the vain hope that they will get a near miraculous renewal that doesn’t seem to be visible on the horizon.

  4. Corwin

    If you hadn’t noticed, I have a “slight” issue with the run-on sentence. What can I say, I write like I think, and to my knowledge, no one else really thinks with punctuation either, except for commas.

  5. Except with Smallville they spun things out much longer than they should have. Never mind that I was tired of the 3rd act villain vanquishing, 4th act relationship chat format very early on. The show featured numerous “out” superheroes doing their thing to save the world, while Clark Kent kept hiding. He should have put on the cape long ago.

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