My next post will be the greatest post I have ever posted


I know. You’re disappointed to be reading this one, aren’t you?

Let me salve your pain with links:

Want to go to a lawless state and murder desperately poor people? Now you can! For only 3,500 pounds sterling a day (plus weapon rental), you can cruise slowly along the coast of Somalia in a luxury yacht. If your luck holds, pirates will attack, and you can kill them.

(eta: I’m told this news report is a fake. I hope so.)

If killing Somalis in the real world is too spendy/morally bankrupt for you, you could always fight monsters on Hidlyda as a young Miracle Witch. It’s a free game, very Legend of Zelda old school, where you travel about fighting monsters, collecting loot and unlocking secret entrances until you finally come face to face with King Yeah Walusa. It’s pretty fun, even if I did have to reference the comment thread at Jay Is Games to find everything. And I scored a D. Huh. Save often!

But, if what you want is something beautiful and complex (complex for the internet, I mean), then look at this: Time Wastes Too Fast.