No cell phone


I often talk about how I don’t have a cell phone, and this morning demonstrates why. My son had a problem with a piece of software I bought for him, and damn if he didn’t throw a fit at me like I’m his personal tech support. When I had an office job I routinely got personal tech support calls from home–long, involved conversations in which I had to say things like “What do you see in the upper left corner of the screen?” and “Don’t pound the keyboard!” while sitting at my desk.

This is why I don’t have a cell phone; if my family wants to struggle with the computer, let them. Either they’ll learn on their own or they’ll do something else with their time. But constantly calling me to explain the same things over and over? No.

It might be different if there were other people who called me occasionally, but there aren’t. And I’m okay with that.

2 thoughts on “No cell phone

  1. RKB

    We got just about everyone in our family converted to Macs. Went from at least one call for help a week to maybe one a month, if that. Apple gives out free classes when you buy one and they have great tech support if you buy Applecare.

  2. We’ve been Mac only for years. My wife just isn’t very technical at all, and my son is still young (and not mature enough to handle frustration well).

    We’ll need to be doing those classes, though.

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