5 thoughts on “Not new glasses. New frames though

  1. Neerdowell

    Looks better anyhow.

    My two great danes have eaten my glasses 3 times, and I still have the original lenses. No scratches, warranty covered them too.

    Still singing the anticipation song…

  2. neerdowell

    I think it was a “term” of doggie endearment. Won’t begin to tell you how my wife shows her affection.

    As Jay-Z would say “99 problems but a well-behaved Great Dane aint one.”

  3. Harry, you SOB… I stayed up half the night finishing Circle of Enemies and couldn’t get anything done at work the next day. Would you quit… yawn… just quit… YAWN… aw heck, lemme go get some sleep and I’ll get back to yelling at you…

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