OMG, I suddenly understand Wolverine’s hair


And The Beast’s hair, too. Here’s a picture of Hank McCoy, aka, The Beast:


Those are trunks, not underwear. You know, like wrestlers wear.

Here’s a picture of Hugh Jackman done up as Logan/Wolverine:

Wolverine hair!

(I gotta get me one of those man-watches.)

Both of those guys have pointed hair on the sides of their heads, and as I’m developing a sort of “ape/monster” for the book I’m writing, I suddenly had to ask myself something unexpected: what sort of ears do these creatures have?

If they’re more primate-like, they’ll have round ears on the sides of their heads. If they stand up from the top of their heads, they’ll be more like a bear’s or a wolf’s. More human/less human.

And maybe this makes me an idiot for not realizing this before, but Wolverine’s and Beast’s hair are designed to let them have human ears while suggesting a non-human head shape.

Anyway, it’s something to think about (when I ought to be writing).

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