Outside the Protection of the Law


Nowadays, an “outlaw” is someone whose behavior is not bound by the rule of law. They’re criminals. Rebels!

But that’s not the original meaning of the word. It used to mean a person who was no longer receiving the protection of the law. They’d been, essentially, banished from civilization. Anything could be done to them because they were outside the law. That was their punishment.

Supposedly, civilized people don’t do this anymore. When someone does something awful, we might punish them, but they deserve the same protections that everyone gets.

Especially when it comes to doxing.

If someone is committing a crime, it’s reasonable to share their real name and personal information with the authorities, but posting it online? No. Even if that person is an abusive asshole and an all-around shithole of a human being. Even if you hate that person with the power of a million cats hating a million dogs. Even if that person seems like the embodiment of evil.

No to doxing your friends. No to doxing your enemies. No one deserves to be outside this rule.

And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, consider yourself fortunate and look at some cute animal pictures.