Page Proofs


The page proofs for Child of Fire arrived last night, and I was (quite stupidly) surprised by how much they looked like little book pages. I mean, duh. Also: Yay!

I asked permission to post scans of a couple pages, in case anyone is curious what page proofs look like.

I also finished reading Those Who Went Remain There Still this morning. it’s a terrific book and practically a clinic on voice. Very nicely done. It’s a short novel, and I can’t say I cared much for the interior illustrations. While Ms. Priest was still describing the creature in the book in vague, mysterious ways, I turned the page and saw a full-page drawing of it. And it was less than impressive. (Discussing it with a woman at the blood donation center, she said “I like it! It’s like a Nancy Drew book!” which… yeah.)

Still, it’s a good book. Check it out.