PayPal can just take $2500 out of your accounts now?


PayPal’s new rules remind me why I hate doing business with them in any capacity. If they’ve decided that one of their users has violated their Acceptable Use Policy, the contract allows them to deduct money directly from your account or from other accounts you control, and the contract specifies that you agree that $2500 USD is a reasonable minimum charge.

It’s amazing the bullshit this company gets away with.

Back when I was running my Kickstarter campaign, the top pledge level was a Tuckerization in the 20 palaces story for $2500. It’s officially unclaimed, but I did have a potential backer contact me about it. They wanted to claim that pledge reward but Amazon payment systems was giving them a problem; could I take PayPal instead?

Maybe it’s bad customer service on my part (actually, no “maybe” about it) but I declined. I turned away more than two grand because I’d been hearing about the company’s fuckery, especially with crowdfunding. Frankly, I didn’t trust PayPal to pull some bullshit over it.

Caveat PayPal user.

(BTW, I did send that disappointed non-backer a limited edition omnibus and a note of apology, although I have no idea if he even received them.)