“Quiet on the set!”


While I work on the notes for book 4, my son has roped a handful of neighborhood kids to do voice over to his latest Lego animation. They’ve already had to rewrite because one of the “artists” didn’t know (and couldn’t say) the word “apocalypse” as in “zombie apocalypse.”

It’s hard to focus, what with all the cute.

2 thoughts on ““Quiet on the set!”

  1. Robin Amadon

    Hi Harry,
    This is Robin Amadon, a friend of Mary Ann’s. A friend of mine just finished the second of your two books–I copy her comment below. She saw my name on an earlier blog posting and couldn’t believe how SMALL this city is, that she would read YOUR books and find MY name mixed into to your commentary. Anyway, she loved them both!

    From My Friend:
    Hey, I just finished the second of the two Harry Connolly books. I couldn’t put them down. Read in the inside jacket that he is from Seattle. Went to his website and read a bit of the ‘chatter’ on there and saw you had posted a note to him! How small is this town???
    Someone gave me a slip of paper over a year ago with the title of his first book on it. I can’t for the life of me remember who had given it to me, but I’m glad they did. Hope you are well.

  2. Robin, you’ve just posted the 1,000th comment on my blog! Whoo-hoo! (there’s no prize ;)).

    And thank you for passing on your friend’s note. That is most seriously excellent. If she’s curious, the next book comes out at the end of August.

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