4 thoughts on “Quote of the day

  1. janet

    Wow, catchy quotable quote but simplistic sound-bites are irritating to me. I wish it was this simple.

  2. Well, the quote is a link to the man’s entire blog post, if you wanted to read more than a sound bite.

    What’s more, it’s something I’ve been saying here for a while: everyone likes to kick around the insurance companies, but health care reform isn’t going to work if doctors, medical supply companies, and pharmaceuticals don’t start taking some kind of pay cuts.

  3. janet

    I agree, it has to be everyone involved. From the patient who is insisting on expensive treatments/meds/tests–with the implied threat of lawsuits if any “mistake” was made forcing doctors to practice defensive medicine, to the the doctor who makes more in one month than most make in a year, or the for-profit nursing homes (usually medicare-medicaid patients at $4-5+ grand a month ). Our health care system is so screwed up. My hackles got unnecessarily raised–I shoulda read the link first..my bad

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