Randomness for 10/19


1) Ze Frank at TED Talks on connecting with others online. Video. This made me cry a little at the end, the way kindness sometimes does.

2) Author tries to run her career without an agent and loses her career.

3) Things John Scalzi doesn’t have to think about. This is a terrific post, and I’m glad he wrote it.

4) A really cool idea: My friend Shawn Granger is holding a contest to see who can make the best video trailer for his comic book series Family Bones. That’s the comic you see me reading in the video I posted the other day; it’s about some members of Shawn’s family in the midwest who turned out to be serial killers. Weird.

5) Arnold Schwarzenegger as Darth Vader. Video. Some NSFW language.

6) Q: Who said this about the separation of church and state: “You’re telling me that’s in the first amendment?” A. Answer. lol.

7) Wind power without the turbines.