Randomness for 12/8


1) The Avengers have a change in health care plans. Video. Pretty funny.

2) And, to switch to DC, Batman as life-size puppet stage show on Japanese TV. Video. You know you can’t resist a description like that. Via

3) Quality hate mail.

4) Ten comics-related gifts guaranteed to ruin your Christmas.

5) An alignment chart for DS9. Personally, I would switch lawful evil and neutral evil, but that’s me.

6) Seven horrifying cost-cutting measures.

7) The Penmonkey’s Paean. “I will not sing lamentations to my weakness.” Damn but I needed to read this today. Thanks, JJ.

3 thoughts on “Randomness for 12/8

  1. janet

    Wow– #3 Laughed so hard I thought I was gonna puke. #6 Bad Scary and being from the medical field I saw it happening there already. Of course the decision makers don’t utilize these airlines, medical facilities, etc. #7 Superb. Uplifting for even the non-writer. I think I’m gonna memorize every single word for a daily mantra. heh. Thanks Harry, I needed this today

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