Randomness for 1/6


1) Woman laughing alone with salad.

2) “How’s Your Poor Feet!” Manly slang of the 19th century.

3) The year according to Tom Toles. Excellent.

4) Amazon.com pulls ebook that explains how to game its sales rankings. What? You mean Amazon’s sales rankings aren’t worth anything? Who could have known?

5) Are you a Comic Sans Criminal?

6) Countries winning the fight against poverty, in a way that’s so simple no one in the U.S. will believe it.

7) A new white person complaint, daily.

6 thoughts on “Randomness for 1/6

  1. re: #6 – it’s not that people in America wouldn’t believe it, it’s that it would be too valuable as ideological weapon.

    “A voter enraged is a voter engaged.” Pragmatism runs a far second to that.

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