Randomness for 5/6


1) Arizona’s new immigration law made simple.

2) Hey, if they wanted privacy, they wouldn’t be doing it in the woods!

3) Women who are awesome.

4) Williams Syndrome, part 2.

5) Automatically generate a very popular or unpopular TED Talk. Here is the TED Talk lecture that explains it all.

6) Microflora inside the human body, and how it relates to digestive illness, obesity, and other health issues. It’s amazing how little we still know about our own bodies.

7) I hate to bury this one at the bottom of the list, but I don’t want to delay posting it until the next link roundup: The Racial Politics of Regressive Storytelling. For some years, DC had been recasting “legacy” heroes with non-white characters. The new Atom was Chinese-American (and awesome!). The new Blue Beetle was a Mexican-American kid (and a lot of fun, if not as awesome as The Atom). I never read the new Firestorm, probably because my library doesn’t carry it. Now they’re pushing them to the side so they can “bring back” the original characters. Idiots.