Randomness for 9/25


1) B&N demands authors link to their site or they will not order their books. Which… really, people? I should say that, months ago, my editor emailed me asking me to link to as many online booksellers as possible on my bookpage, which I had already done. However, unlike Amazon.com, B&N makes you go through Google to set up an affiliate account, and in general is a pain in the ass.

Still, link to our site or we won’t sell your book to our customers? What if their customers actually want that book?

2) Thorin Oakenshield as Nigerian phishing scammer.

3) Powell’s Books has only one copy of my book “left in stock at $5.50!” … four days before it is published.

4) Who knew? The London Review of Books has personal ads… and some are hilarious.

5) Our local library is having their semi-annual Friends of the Library book sale. I will not be going. Part of the reason I’m learning to read faster is to clear off some damn shelf space.

6) Finally, a confirmed sighting of Child of Fire in a brick-and-mortar bookstore. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!