Randomness for Halloween


1) Can self-replicated Lego Robots be far behind? via Rose Fox.

2) Explain the internet to a 19th century British street urchin. Flow charts are funny. also via Rose Fox.

3) A Halloween edition of Great Comics that Never Happened! I love this one.

4) Heeeeeelllllllo, teddy bear! Who know Charlie Sheen could set his own eyes on fire in real life! Video.

5) 11 Awesome skiffy-themed animated gifs. I can’t decide if my favorite is Khan finding Waldo or Picard tommy-gunning Chunk.

6) This is how I’ve always imagined an agent’s office would be run.

7) Baby Powerhouse Remix. Video. This is a nice antidote to all the Halloween creepy grossness. Unless babies freak you out.