Randomness for 3/4


1) Admiral Akbar leading the votes to become new sports mascot at Ole Miss. Shockingly, this particular “rebel” has students threatening to transfer if he shows up at games. Because that’s what important about college: the sports mascot.

2) Major retailers caught selling used lingerie. Oh, Victoria’s Secret, you’re so sexy!

3) Another way to lower health care costs. Quote: “Only about half of patients who are prescribed a medication for a chronic condition are still taking the drug regularly after a year, says Daniel Touchette, assistant professor of pharmacy practice at the University of Illinois at Chicago.”

4) Comic artist accused of copying another artist, with added moral complications. Lightbox ftl.

5) All 137 years of Popular Science Magazine in a searchable online format.

6) Quote of the day: “The problem with hockey is that everyone has a stick.” From http://www.postcardsfromyomomma.com/

7) Movies condensed into six-panel comics. Spoilers for various and sundry.