Randomness for 4/5


1) The Science of Newton’s Cradle. That’s NEWTON’S CRADLE the hard sf independent movie, not the actual toy.

2) How ten movies would be different if they came from Nicholas Sparks novels. via alg.

3) Opening a hotel room door by going under. Be sure to watch the video.

4) Leonardo DiCaprio as Travis McGee? I have to admit that I’m dubious, but maybe he can pull it off. The real question is why Hollywood continues to make crime/detective movies. Are the budgets low enough to balance low box office? Is it the DVD sales?

5) A Suvudu death match between a GRRM character from A Song of Ice and Fire and a Patrick Rothfuss character inspires this hilarious comment.

6) A Victorian-era sex scholar, and her research.

7) Students recreate “Starry Night” on large scale… in cereal. I wish I was this interesting.

2 thoughts on “Randomness for 4/5

  1. And Hollywood makes SCADS of relatively expensive crime thrillers that you never hear of until you scroll through NetFlix. I think Morgan Freeman is in half of them too — The Code, The Contract, The Maiden Heist.

  2. They used to make scads of cheapo crime thrillers for Showtime and HBO. Bill Martell (who’s in the sidebar in the learn to write section) used to write lots of them. They were always ruined in production, but they were steady business.

    The bottom has dropped out of mid-range production though. It’s all theatrical releases and 20K super-cheapies (ie: “mockbusters”).

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