Randomness for 5/3


1) Miyazaki talks about why his films go beyond good and evil, in comics form.

2) What happens if you mix Silly Putty with a generous amount of iron oxide and put it next to a magnet? Slo-mo blob attack. Video.

3) Eleven of the world’s most unusual elevators.

4) Linguists excited about the introduction of a new conjunction to the English language (purists will gag, slash I think it’s cool).

5) Cartoonist does 100 self-portraits, each in the style of another cartoonist.

6) Thirteen creepy things a child has said to a parent. Number 3 would be a great start to a story.

7) Why Iron Man 3 Director Shane Black Was Once Hollywood’s Hottest Screenwriter. Word-smithing can be a little different over on the screenplay side of things.