Randomness for 6/21


1) A kiddie mecha for real! Video.

2) George Lucas as OLDBOY? Video.

3) Repulsive Soviet monument rebooted.

4) The 100 best first lines of novels.

5) In my non-academic interest in book trailers, I offer this: Video. Graphic novels make it easy to be lazy with a trailer, but these guys did something more.

6) Nathan Fillion, photobomber.

7) A word cloud showing the 500 most common passwords. Those passwords make up 79% of a database of 6 million users. And I can’t believe that one of them is “8675309”. via @RodRamsey

5 thoughts on “Randomness for 6/21

  1. belaqua

    Actually it was built in 1954 to celebrate the end of Nazi occupation of Bulgaria, as I understand. No matter additional ideological connotations and the history of communist oppression, these sculptures represent Soviet and Bulgarian soldiers who fought Nazis and died in millions. Calling them repulsive and painting them into McDonalds is a bit much if you ask me.
    Fillion photobombs are awesome though

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