Randomness for 6/8


1) Ever wonder what happened to the Star Wars Kid?

2) Corpse flower blooms in Pasadena.

3) Examining the economic struggles of the publishing industry, graph-style. Part one. Part Two. Part Three. Part Four. Part Five.

4) I guess the PMRC didn’t take up all her time. I especially like the glacier and portrait portfolios.

5) Line art and the brain. I’m going to show this to my wife when she gets a quiet moment.

6) Do YOU want to help a legendary high school funk band play a live show when the documentary about their time together in the ’70’s and their modern day reunion plays at the LA Film Festival? They’re asking for donations to cover travel costs. There’s swag, too.

7) How sad am I that this is only photoshopped? Considering that I’m laughing like an idiot over it, only a little sad. I wonder if Patrick Stewart has made peace with the fact this sort of thing is going to dog him for the rest of his days?