Randomness for 7/2


1) Wonder Woman trades in her star-spangled panties for actual pants (and a very ’90’s jacket).

2) “Officer, I recognize that woman! Her name is Selena Kyle!”

3) OMG. Promoted from a comment Rose Fox made: The Adventures of Lil Cthulhu. I love it!

4) Et Cetera and Otherwise: A Violent Book Trailer. That won a Moby Award for Best Foreign Book Trailer and I laughed my ass off.

5) The other Moby Award winning trailers are compiled here… except for the one named “Least Likely to Sell the Book”–aka: the worst book trailer of the year. The author pulled that one off of YouTube, and produced this new, “improved” version of the trailer. And I swear, if this is the good version, I can’t even imagine that bad one.

6) Batman’s Greatest Tweets. Sample: “We’ll miss you, Jack Bauer. If you ever come out of exile, I’ve got a pair of green ankle shoes and a yellow cape waiting.”

7) What sf ideas does Rudy Rucker wish you were writing about?